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Welcome to Understanding Food!

The glorious first post.  Welcome to my new blog!

First off, a disclaimer……I am in no way trained in food science, nutrition, or any other profession of the like.  Most of the findings I will be enlightening you with on this blog will be coming from personal experiences, research on the internet and library, and other documentations.  My goal is to better understand the food I eat…..if you learn something by me taking the time to share my findings, then great!

What made me decide to do this?  Couldn’t I use this time doing something “fun”? 

I decided to learn more about what I put into my mouth after watching the movie Food Inc. (I know, how cliche).  To be fair, it wasn’t JUST the movie that did me in.  I have been reading a couple of interesting blogs and my husband is also passionate about this topic, so it just sort of clicked to me after seeing the documentary. 

And could I be doing something “fun” instead?  Nope.  I find the research and time I am investing in this to be fun, rewarding, enlightening, and I know I will be able to feel good about what I am feeding my family.

I should also note that I did not go through my house, clean out my pantry, and go buy all the produce in my local grocery store.  I understand a life-changing decision takes time.  I do not want to get discouraged and get so hungry (since all that is in the house are green peppers and onions) that I end up gorging on a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and considering this a failure (hello previous diets).  Therefore, my husband and I have talked about how we want to live, and eat, and will be making changes in our purchases as we go along. 

We want to be informed consumers.  Imagine if everyone in America knew about (fully understanding) the food they purchased.  We would be a very powerful nation indeed.  So, I understand my small weekly grocery bill will not make an epidemic change towards this, but if I do not take the first step, then that earth-shattering evolution will never be possible!

That’s about it!  So sit back, relax, and hopefully I can give you a sneak peek into the food we eat.

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