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How I Diet without Dieting

I love food.  Plain and simple.  However, I am most passionate about the foods that are “bad” for you (chocolate and the like).  As I have grown, and my tastebuds have matured, however, I have learned to love foods that aren’t bad for me (veggies are at the top of the list)!  Eating more locally grown foods has helped in experimenting with newly found veggies and other health foods.

Just recently I watched an episode of “Good Eats” with Alton Brown (yes, I am proud to admit I am a fan).  The episode was based on how Alton lost 50 pounds while focusing on eating foods that had a high ratio of nutrients to energy rather than just high in energy alone.  He stresses how this approach was not a diet (he wasn’t limiting what he ate, just made sure to fill himself full of things he should be eating and decide if there was really room, or the necessity, for more).  He stuck to four lists of what he would make sure to eat. 

I have decided to take a similar approach — I could stand to lose a few pounds and would enjoy the extra energy!  I have adjusted Alton’s list to suite my own preferences and also suite my need to eat more locally grown foods (or at least have an understanding of where they came from).

List #1:  Things to eat daily

1.  Fruits and Vegetables (at least 3 servings per day with at least one being fruit, one being a leafy green, and one being carrots)

2.  Whole Grains (at least 50 grams — can be found in things like cooked brown rice, whole grain cereal, popcorn, whole grain crackers, whole grain bread, etc.)

3.  Nuts (at least one serving — based on my weight, I am looking at 58 grams of protein per day — 1 oz (approximately 24) almonds has about 6 grams of protein)

4.  Tea (just to try and get rid of my soda intake!)

5.  Dairy (at least one serving….will most likely be a glass of skim milk with dinner!)

Optional:  Chicken and Hard Boiled Eggs (I will not necessarily consume these daily, but will if I need more protein in the given day — all while still watching my fat content of course!)

List #2:  Things to eat 3 times per week

1.  Fish (oily fish such as sardines and herring, but also including fish such as salmon, tuna, cod, etc)

2.  Yogurt

3.  Potatoes (sweet or regular)

List #3:  Things to eat only once per week

1.  Red Meat

2.  Pasta (this one will be TOUGH)

3.  Dessert

4.  Alcohol

List #4:  Things to avoid altogether

1.  Fast Food

2.  Soda

3.  Processed Meals (Frozen Dinners, etc)

4.  Canned Soups (I am excluding cream-of-anything from this list due to cooking needs — I am trying to avoid those large “diet” cans of chicken noodle soup that have a ton of sodium)

5.  “Diet” anything — because this is not a diet!

Along with making sure I consume the above items per the recommended dosages, I am also going to be tracking calories.  Yes, I said it…….I am, however, still not calling this a diet even though I will be tracking what I eat.  Tracking my food intake will be more so to realize how quickly the calories add up and to ensure I am getting the recommended dosages of protein, fiber (very important), and limiting fat.  I will think twice about those chocolate squares by doing this! 

To track what I eat, I will be utilizing my account on Livestrong.com (I have been using it on and off for a while).   The great thing about this website is that it not only tracks the calories but also the grams of nutrients as well!

Along with consumed calories and fiber intake, I can also track my exercise and be able to “add back” more calories to consume for the day!  I will be looking at a net of 1,500 calories per day.


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