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Grandma’s Freezer Corn

In my quest to preserve as much summer-fresh goodness as I can for the upcoming winter, my grandma was kind enough to write down (and mail) her famous freezer corn recipe (I have since laminated the recipe card to preserve the nostalgia impact is has on me).

Our family DEVOURS this corn any time it is available. Grandma used to have a multi-acre garden each summer (including a bounty of sweet corn), but within the past few years she has decided to no longer tend a garden. So, I am hoping to preserve not only the locally grown sweet corn, but also my grandmother’s traditional recipe. Lucky for you, I am willing to share!

At our recent visit to the Madison’s farmers market, we decided to purchase a dozen cobs of sweet corn and try our hands at this recipe (it turned out great, so I will be buying MUCH more corn this week to freeze). One dozen cobs equated to two quart sized freezer bags (generously filled).

The recipe is very easy and requires very simple ingredients!

8 cups of corn, cut off the cob (I got right around 8 cups with my dozen cobs)

1 cup of water

1 tablespoon sugar

1/4 cup butter


Melt butter in saucepan.  Add water, sugar and corn (the recipe also shows 1 tablespoon of salt, but my grandma wrote a note on the back of the recipe that says she finds the corn becomes tough if you add the salt; she notes that she just adds the salt when she goes to eat the corn).

Once all the ingredients are in the saucepan, boil for 3 minutes.  Cool ingredients in cake pan then package in ziploc bags, or your preferred container to freeze (my grandma likes to use old Kool Whip containers).

Personally, I filled the ziploc bags.  Then I laid them out flat in my freezer so that they were easier to store and you can get a lot more air out of the bag!


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